DFD Quotes_Facet #4 Flawed

Flawed but still fabulous

I’m so tired with ‘perfect’. Perfect homes. Perfect thighs. Perfect lifestyles. Perfect hair. What I want to know is who actually decided that perfect was the standard we should be aspiring to anyway? And is this quest for fantasy-style living...
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How to Write a Book

  So you want to write a book. It’s sounds so fulfilling and exciting and you have something that only you can say. But where exactly do you start? When I started writing my first book, Digging for Diamonds, I...
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locked door


  So there I was. Dressed in lacy flared trousers, platform boots and a blonde wig, locked in the men’s loos, and suffocating from the overwhelming stench of Eau d’Urinal. I’m sure we’ve all been there, right? Have you ever...
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Mum rules card

Mothers’ Day Cards

  I wonder if you’ve ever found yourself staring at the racks of cards in a card shop feeling the same waves of frustration and disappointment as I have. Why is choosing a card for somebody so very difficult? I...
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Berry cake

Cooking Chaos

I like cookery books. I mean, who could not LOVE those pretty pictures which make your taste buds tingle? However, my follow through skills are pretty limited. When it comes to cooking or fitness, I am all about planning, research,...
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Lurgy Lessons

Nobody likes to be ill. Disability, sickness, pain – none of them are any fun. Certainly, I would prefer for Mark’s eyes to work. Being married to a man who has lost his sight so early is not something I would...
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I am 40 this year. I don’t think I am a particularly hysterical or emotional person, but this still feels like a significant milestone. Like I should know myself and what to do with my life for example. All the...
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The Teenage Mind?

This week while dropping the children at the school gates in the morning, I suggested a shortcut across the field in the afternoon. This back exit would save considerable time while walking home. Imagine my surprise when I was informed...
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Sh 2012 stage

Super-Size Stage

Wow – what a stage! I have recently returned from speaking at Spring Harvest – a huge festival for Christians, with teaching, bands, creative arts, sport, youth and kids work and a load of homicidal seagulls in Minehead. Working with...
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Christmas Newsletters

It’s that time of year again. The time of cards and family newsletters. The time when we carefully communicate about our lives to the people we know. But what do we communicate and why? I will confess, I have been chronologically challenged...
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Communicating with paint!

Today I spent time communicating with paint. Now either you will get this or you really won’t! How can it be possible for a reasonably sane person to spend hours staring at paint charts, allowing the colours to speak? Today Farrow...
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