Today I spent time communicating with paint. Now either you will get this or you really won’t!

How can it be possible for a reasonably sane person to spend hours staring at paint charts, allowing the colours to speak? Today Farrow and Ball’s Pigeon spoke to me. I actually kept smiling and staring in awe at its beauty. I repainted an old dresser which was dark blue into this GORGEOUS grey/green fabulous shade. I found myself marvelling at the consistency, the pigmentation, and became aware that I had been totally drawn in by the marketing spiel. But it is classy and gorgeous and undeniably it communicates to me and other Farrowites who know their paint pigmentation stuff!

We spend alot of time thinking about how our home communicates; we create our home brand if you like. Modern country, city chic. minimalist etc… And so we communicate some truths and values about ourselves, our likes, our way of living.
I wonder what your home says about you?