Thank you so much for finding my speaking page.

Some people would apparently rather hide than speak in public. I must be strange as I love it. No comments please. Whether it is getting potential leaders in a circle or a conference, presenting a video or contributing to a strategic meeting or even speaking at an event with over 4000 people in attendance, I consider it a privilege to be able to connect with people in this way.

In all I do, I hope that my desire to help others live on purpose shines through.

I love to make people laugh, but I also love to make people think about how to grow in confidence and competence so that they can make a difference. Through story, real-life application and rigorous preparation, I always try and bring something new and something that will inspire and encourage people as they reflect on their life, their skills, their relationships, their faith and their potential.

I know how much it matters getting the right speaker for your event. It genuinely matters to me to be able to bring my best to add value to what you are doing.

Also, I just love coaching others one-to-one or training groups in their communication skills. Sometimes this is a one off, and sometimes it is a long term coaching relationship. Nothing pleases me more than to help others develop into all they have been designed to be.

Do contact me if you would like to ask further questions, to check my availability or to talk more about whether I might be able to help you with the event you are planning.

I have been public speaking, presenting and preaching for over 20 years, and have participated in numerous radio shows and presented and hosted innumerable events and meetings of almost every shape and size.

Here are some highlights:

  • Presenting a series of youtube adverts for insurance company.
  • Main stage and seminar speaker and presenter at Spring Harvest Festival in UK and France:
  • Participating in various Care for the Family DVD resources including Marriage by Design marriage preparation course:
  • Touring the UK with Care for the Family and Diane Louise Jordan speaking at ‘Mum’s the Word’ events:
  • Keynote speaker at various events and conferences for women including the Free Range Chicks conference:
  • Delivering Foundation Year and Degree level module in Communications at Moorlands College:
  • Speaking at churches and conferences across the UK
  • Marriage Challenge podcast on finance

diggingfordiamonds Digging for Diamonds.  There’s nothing super about superficial. If we want to make the most of life, we have to dig beyond the surface and explore what we find – because what is hidden always shapes us the most. Also, what we discover in the dark and messy places of life is often the most precious treasure of all. We all have potential, despite our flaws, to be transformed and to transform others – but the people who make the difference are the ones who dig deep for it. This topic, the subject of my book, can be adapted to be a preach, one seminar session or a day of sessions.

communicationCommunication Skills. Research says that public speaking is the number one fear out there – even more than death! But all of us have to present ourselves every day. We cannot not communicate. Our body language, our voice and our content shape the impression others receive of us – so it’s worth getting to know ourselves better and improving our skills. Public speaking, presenting and preaching are skills that can always be developed – and no asset is more sought after in the workplace than good communication skills. This subject can be one session – but preferably with time for interaction, half a day or a whole day.

familyFamily Life. It is quite possible in this day and age of competition and hard work to forget just how important family life is. Being a mother and a wife deserve my very best efforts and a large dose of humour! It is as we are honest about our failings and our joys that we can encourage each other that we are not alone and that our role in our family is the most crucial role we will ever have. I have spoken with my husband, with other husbands not belonging to me, with various female speakers including Katharine Hill (UK Director of Care for the Family) and Diane Louise Jordan (TV and radio presenter) and on my own in various seminar and conference settings.

ResilienceResilience. When the going gets tough, the tough need hope like the rest of us. (And possibly chocolate… ) Stuff happens. It just does. That diagnosis, that redundancy, this difficult relationship, those unanswered prayers… What is interesting is how different people respond to the obstacles and disappointments of life – how their faith, their self-belief and their outlook become affected. I share honestly about some of the setbacks in my own life, including my husband losing his sight through a genetic condition and I remain convinced that learning resilience in the classroom of life is fundamental to contentment wherever we find ourselves. This subject matter is suitable for a variety of settings.

influenceInfluence. Some people think that authority or experience are the tools you need to change the world. But smart people know that everybody has influence – whether you are a mum in the playground or a manager at work. The question is how do we recognise and leverage that influence for good? When we understand the impact of integrity, showing initiative and gaining insight where others only see obstacles, then we begin to influence the arena we have been given. This subject matter is suitable for a variety of settings.

the-bibleThe Bible. This library of books in a book is a never-ending pool of wisdom and insight and it is a privilege to be able to serve churches and events by speaking about God’s word and the role of his church in a way that will hopefully make people laugh, enable them to think and then respond in a way that is meaningful and appropriate to the event.

Cathy is a stunning and compelling communicator who’s serious about encouraging each and every one of us to unearth our hidden potential. Possessing that winning combination of talent and diligence, together with unflinching commitment, Cathy is certainly a woman with a plan. Cathy walks the talk – she’s living proof that it is possible to improve your circumstances and she wants to share the good news!
What I think I admire most about Cathy Madavan is her big-spirited generosity. Cathy genuinely cares about people flourishing to their full capacity; she really does want to contribute to improving lives.

Diane Louise Jordan
TV and radio presenter

Cathy is one of the best communicators that I know. She is vivacious, engaging, authentic and passionate. When she speaks I get the sense that I am listening to someone who has worked hard at what she is saying and has deliberately chosen to be honest and open. At one moment her words pack a punch that send you reeling with their power and at another, her words are the reassurance that you need, reminding you that despite the fact you make mistakes, you’re not the finished article yet and there is always hope. I’ve also been privileged to speak alongside her and as a part of a team she is equally outstanding. Gracious, generous, clear, prepared and ready to engage with the people who are listening. She’s a rare breed – an excellent speaker, well prepared with a servant heart.

Malcolm Duncan
Chairman of Spring Harvest Planning group, Pastor at Gold Hill Baptist Church, author and speaker

Cathy is an able communicator with a real passion for connecting with an audience. She will prepare diligently, deliver creatively and always keep her listeners awake!

Gerard Kelly
Co-Director, Bless Network

Cathy uses her humour to engage the audience and then encourages them to think and reflect on their lives. She is an exceptional speaker and is clear, concise and creative in her abilities to bring messages alive. You don’t forget a Cathy talk. I have high standards and Cathy always over delivers. I would highly recommend her as a speaker for any event because she is both motivational and inspirational.

Vicky Taylor
Founder of Free Range Chicks
Leadership Consultant

Cathy is a lively and engaging speaker who connects well with any audience.

Katharine Hill
UK Director, Care for the Family

I can highly recommend Cathy as an excellent communicator. If you want someone to get a lasting message home to your organisation, look no further.

Mark Morris
Projects Director, BEng CEng CEnv MIOD

Cathy knows how to communicate – she powerfully connects with all sorts of people and takes them with her to new realisations and better understanding, and she does it with great clarity, wisdom, honesty and fun.

Abby Guinness
Spring Harvest Event Director, actress, speaker and author of The Word of the Wives

As an Associate Director of ‘Equipped to Lead’ – training people from a range of charity and business backgrounds – I worked with Cathy Madavan over an extended period. I found her communication skills to be comprehensive, working in large audiences, small group and individual settings. She combined a sense of humour with an ability to convey important information effectively, bridging the gap between speaker and listeners with great accomplishment. Her enthusiasm for seeing others developed was tangible.

Andy Read
CEO Links Internations, Copwriter and Speaker

Cathy designed and delivered a 10 week Communications Course at Moorlands College. She was very attuned to the needs of both the college and the students, and delivered her lecturers in a professional and engaging manner.  She was able to draw from her considerable experience in presentation and communication to a very wide range of audiences, and this was very well received and much appreciated.

Alistair McKitterick
Lecturer in theology, Moorlands College

Cathy Madavan is a down to earth, humorous, gifted, insightful and wonderful communicator. She delivers an engaging and powerful message that will have a profound impact in all kinds of contexts. Book her today!

Gavin Calver
Director of Mission/England – Evangelical Alliance

Compelling, purposeful and meticulously prepared, Cathy is a brilliant speaker in a range of different contexts, with the repertoire and discernment to bring not only appropriate data, stories and illustrations to bear but the right tone for the occasion – she’s funny but not for its own sake and is very good at engaging people emotionally either in personal change or a wider cause.

Mark Greene
Executive Director
London Institute for Contemporary Christianity

Thanks again for visiting my speaking page. If you want to start a conversation about a possible speaking, presenting or training engagement or want to ask further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.