Hello friends! So here it is – the new look, new style, new functionality blog! How very exciting!

A huge thanks to Neil Pearce  and Mark Viccars at Silver Lining Web Services for making this a reality as opposed to something on my to-do list!

I hope you enjoy the posts, subscribe, make lots of comments, share it with others and most of all I hope and pray that together we can enjoy a conversation, encourage each other, explore important subjects and build a better world in some small way.

working in the garden

I am sat in the garden writing the first post of this new blog in the glorious heatwave we are experiencing. Other countries apparently call it summer. The grass is  a bit brown, the pots of flowers are thirsty, and I need a constant flow of cool refreshment.

My life feels remarkably similar. I am feeling  a bit frazzled, a tad thirsty, and in need of a good deep breathe – a chance to recover, to re-calibrate and to restore my vision for the future.

We spend so much time on the diary treadmill, it is a relief when the summer holidays appear –  though is it just me – the holidays seem so much busier and quicker than the idyllic never-ending holidays I remember from my childhood!?

But we need to take the opportunity to rest when we can.



I love the teaching about Leading on Empty by Wayne Cordeiro who described our lives as having a tank with a tap at the bottom which drains us of energy and enthusiasm –  through relationships, work, busyness, pressures, email and all the normal stuff of life. Slowly we are drained – drip, drip, drip… And sometimes  it just pours out!

He talks about the absolute necessity of re-filling the tank at the top with things and people who nourish us so that we don’t end up running on empty. When we drain out, we burn out. And then the tank takes a long time to fill up again.

It’s interesting that Jesus says

Come to me all you who are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

It’s official! God has never asked us to burn out – even doing good stuff!

In an ideal world we would all be so much more productive, so much wiser and so much more content if we could do life, work and relationships out of rest. Finding tank fillers might take effort, but we can be proactive and enjoy any chance we get for some moments of re-creation and refreshment! It is so important to tackle the drainers in our life – to see what we can do about those, and then to fill our tanks with work, people, activities and rest that energise us.

Today I was able to diary in some tank fillers – a music festival, an afternoon tea in a hotel, time with friends, time to de-clutter, some writing and finally our holidays are around the corner. I am going to really enjoy these things –  every moment, every memory created and every laugh shared will be a  drip being poured back into my soul.

I also look forward to being able to spiritually recharge, to read, to pray, to enjoy some great fellowship and to re-align my life with God’s values for my life.

Because that tap will turn on again before I know it.

I genuinely hope and pray that reading these blog posts will fill your tank a little, and that God will give you His rest and peace.

Over to you:

Ever felt like you are running on empty? Me too.

What fills up your tank? Reading? Walking? Eating with friends? Music? Enjoying creation? Peace and quiet?

I wonder how much of a priority it is in your diary to refill your tank?

Can you tackle some of the things that drain you most?

What’s the answer? How do we get the balance right?