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Words have the power to change us – and when they are written so that we can read them again and again, their potential is unlimited.

It has been an honour for me to write for so many publications and projects over the years and to finally have my first book published in 2015.

Do contact me if you think I might be able to contribute an article or a blog to your publication or site. Do feel free to ask further questions or to talk more about whether I might be able to meet your needs.

My work

Digging for Diamonds – published by Authentic Media


There’s nothing super about superficial! If we want to make the most of life, we have to dig past the surface and explore what we find – because what is hidden always shapes us the most. Also what we discover in the dark and messy places of life is often the most precious treasure of all. We all have potential, despite our flaws to be transformed and to transform others- but the people who make the difference are the ones who dig deep for it.

Each chapter of Digging for Diamonds takes a different ‘facet’ in the areas of our identity, strength, character and purpose and practically helps the reader to unearth the riches already hidden right where they are.

Approaching Jesus Published by CWR 


This 2015 Lent Guide written for popular devotional publishers CWR would also be suitable for individual and small group use all year round.

We can talk about Jesus, sing about him and learn about him, but it is approaching him for ourselves that makes the difference. In these six studies you will get to look through the eyes of six people who approached Jesus in the gospel of St Matthew, each with different motives and agendas, and then to reflect upon how Jesus responded to them. He knows you and I so well and this guide will help you to approach him again knowing he is always ready to welcome you.

Liberti Magazine


Liberti is a (in my opinion brilliant) bi-monthly magazine for women who want to live a life of faith with attitude. I am honoured to write the closing column for each edition of this magazine which shares stories of hope, news, reviews, practical tools and in-depth interviews with faith woven throughout in a user friendly way. It only costs £12 a year to subscribe and every issue you buy will enable Liberti to give an issue to a woman in the armed forces or living in vulnerable conditions.

Time for Marriage

This is an example of work I have undertaken with charities and small businesses enabling them to understand their brand better and helping them to improve their visual and written communication. Together with a graphic designer, I worked with Time for Marriage – a charity enriching marriages through weekends away to update the look and content of their logo, brochures and website.


Cathy’s energy & enthusiasm are infectious & she brings an amazing ‘can do’ attitude to all that she does. She is an excellent communicator & her knowledge of brand identity, corporate image, logos & web design has been invaluable. I would recommend her without hesitation.

Andy Banes
Owner and CEO of Fontware Ltd

Cathy is an excellent producer of words, both verbally and written. I required complex information and concepts to be written into compelling presentations and Cathy exceeded mine and my clients expectations. We have worked together with numerous Charity clients in the UK and Africa and each time Cathy has used her creative, positive, professional and can-do attitude to benefit all of them. I love working with Cathy and commend her without any reservations. She is one of the most brilliant communicators in the UK.

Mark Markiewicz
Charity Consultant and Fundraising Specialist

Cathy Madavan exudes that rare combination of deep and funny. As an editor I was beyond chuffed when she agreed to write for us. As a writer I seek not to be jealous of her wit and wisdom. She really is A. Maze. Ing.

Amy Boucher Pye
Writer, speaker, editor at Authentic Media

What other says on Digging for Diamonds

Some writers have the skill to be able to articulate thoughts, fears, hope and dreams in a way that makes us sigh and whisper, “That is exactly how I feel – it’s as if she knows me.” Cathy Madavan has that skill – and not just because she is a wonderful writer but because she allows us into the secret place of her own life, and in doing so unlocks the door to our own.

Rob Parsons OBE
Founder and Chairman of Care for the Family

Cathy is part of the growing breed of Christian influencers who are using their blessed normality, yes normality, to reach people. She is mind-blowingly refreshing. No spiritual airs or hierarchical graces – just astounding honesty, integrity and wisdom. In Digging for Diamonds, Cathy uses the day-to-day encounters of her life to share profound truth as to our value and worth. She does this with laugh-out-loud humour and sparkling wit. This is a book that should sit on the kitchen table, not the book shelf, close at hand, to be picked up again and again, read to each other, absorbed, shared, reflected on and cherished.

Tania Bright
Chair of Love146 Europe, speaker, author, spiritual director, CEO – Bright Cook Consultancy

I have known Cathy for many years now and have watched her remain joyful and hopeful in the challenges of her life as a wife, mother, leader and businesswoman. Her ability to communicate empowers us all to enjoy the gems she has found, which in turn enables us to dig for our own inner treasure. As we all know, the world is full of fairly competent people but it is people with character and wisdom where the resources are depleted. Investing in digging deeper with Cathy will inspire you to become the person God intended you to be. I highly recommend it!

Vicky Taylor
Founder of Free Range Chicks, leadership consultant, trainer and coach

Cathy Madavan may not have discovered a new land-mass or spotted a rare species of tropical fauna, but she is a great explorer! She has succeeded in plumbing the depths of the complex waters of the human heart and mind with page-turning honesty, humility and LOL humour. By uncovering her own life-quakes and quests in her pursuit to understand true value and divine potential, she very naturally uncovers ours and leads us bold and smiling into a world of discovery.

Sue Rinaldi
Writer, speaker, musician and creative consultant

I first met Cathy a couple of years ago when we were brought together to share the stage on a speaking tour. I was at once drawn to her warm, engaging personality and kooky sense of humour. It was fun at first sight with Cathy; she seriously makes me laugh.

I also admire how she eloquently uses humour, not just for fun, but to cleverly ‘translate’ difficult ideas. In fact Cathy is a stunning and compelling communicator who’s serious about encouraging each and every one of us to unearth our hidden potential. Possessing that winning combination of talent and diligence, together with unflinching commitment, Cathy is certainly a woman with a plan. The wisdom emanating from this book isn’t just great theory – she knows from personal experience what it means to face life’s challenges. Cathy walks the talk – she’s living proof that it is possible to improve your circumstances and she wants to share the good news!

What I think I admire most about Cathy Madavan is her big-spirited generosity. Cathy genuinely cares about people flourishing to their full capacity; she really does want to contribute to improving lives. In this gem of a book Cathy not only warmly inspires us to take pleasure in who we truly are, she also cleverly provides a nuts and bolts, workable aids to help us do so. Which is why I can’t recommend Digging for Diamonds enough.

(from the foreword of Digging for Diamonds)

Diane Louise Jordan 
TV and radio presenter