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Digging for Diamonds

What is hidden always shapes what we can see. In this book,
Cathy Madavan encourages us to dig deeper and discover more
of the life-transforming treasures of our identity, strength,
character and purpose that God has already placed within us
– right where we are.
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May the words of my mouth…

18 / 04 / 2018 / 6 comments

You’ve all heard these words before – even if it’s only in the Boney M song: May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing (acceptable) in your sight, Oh Lord, my rock and my…

Flawed but still fabulous

9 / 05 / 2016 / 1 comments

I’m so tired with ‘perfect’. Perfect homes. Perfect thighs. Perfect lifestyles. Perfect hair. What I want to know is who actually decided that perfect was the standard we should be aspiring to anyway? And is this quest for fantasy-style living…

New year – new attitude.

1 / 01 / 2016 / 4 comments

Since it is the season of good intentions and new resolutions, as well as announcing the annual diet (sigh), why not also decide upon the direction of your heart and mind in the days ahead? At the start of this…

Give yourself a creativity boost.

1 / 10 / 2015 / 8 comments

So you’re no Michelangelo with a paintbrush or Banksy with a spray can. That’s fine. But that doesn’t mean you have no creative ability. In the book Digging for Diamonds, I dedicated a chapter to uncovering more of our creative…

Digital Detox – What I Missed And What I Really Didn’t…

6 / 09 / 2015 / 12 comments

This August I unplugged. No social media. No email. No messages (well, almost…). It was all rather quiet. Those five-minute gaps where I would normally reach for my phone or my iPad, were instead filled with nothing. My usual diet…

Living beyond the expectations of others.

28 / 04 / 2015 / 17 comments

It’s probably no surprise to you – but I aint no stereotypical pastor’s wife. I’ve never arranged a flower in my life. I get palpitations when people cry about stuff. I am not even any good at refreshments – I…

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Finding treasure in the messiness of life

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